JAVA Music Applets

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These Applets require the current Jsyn Plugin within a recent version of your favorite browser.

Keyboard Playing Applet is a cool instrument which anyone can play on the web! Play your computer keyboard and make melodies (or what ever it IS you do!) then hear the computer throw them back at you in an imitative way. The stored phrases can also be triggered by the user when the appropriate symbol key is pressed. The more you play the crazier it gets...

MandelInstrument demonstrates how a Jsyn circuit behaves when its parameters are changed in realtime. As the user clicks and drags in the canvas area, the circuit is fed numbers which are derived from the X/Y coordinates. This assignment also demonstrated to the class the challenges in creating software to exact specification, as the final version had to work when imported into the instrument menu of Prof Didkovsky's MandelMusic Applet.

The FMFactory is a simple control panel where the user triggers the creation of an FM instrument based on randomly derived parameters. These numbers are displayed for reference - or if one wished to transfer them to another FM synthesizer. The user may also generate random notes in order to hear their instrument in a non-tempered jam!

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